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Honours to Dr. D. C. Patel
for Snakebite Treatment Excellency
Honoured by Governer Shree Naval Kishor Sharma in presence & Respected C. M. Shree Narendrabhai Modi – 2005
Honour by Education and Sport ministry Mrs. Anandiben Patel – 2006
Honoured by Sanskar Satsang Seva Trust – Dharampur is "Dharampur Ratna Award" - 1997
Honour by Mohan Gandhi founrdation is "Karmayogi" - 2004
  Dr. D. C. Patel M. S. (Gen. Surg.)

Wide Experience in treating Snake bite patients since last 18 years, with having very less mortality. In year 2004, 449 patients were treated & NOT A SINGLE DEATH WHILE TREATMENT.
(0% Mortality) .

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